Mistar Ranch Stallions
Arabian Stallion - Sir Chairo Mistar
Standing at Stud to select mares.
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Sir Chairo Mistar, an Arabian, A beautiful chestnut whose
pedigree is filled with National and International champions
such as Perier, *Aladdinn, Bey Shah, Ivanhoe Tsultan and
Bask.  His elegance and intelligence would be an asset to
your breeding program.
Stud fee $500 for live coverage.
Stud fee $500 for live coverage only.
Sakan (Mary Mels Mystery X CA Chrystal Rose ) is
doubled registered with the Half-Arabian Association,
Registry #IA342734 and the Internation Morab Association,
Registry #IMR2255.  Sakan is a phenomenal up and coming
Hunter/Jumper prospect who stands over 15 hands and
should mature out at 16+ hands.  He is work oriented and
free jumps beautifully showing alot of scope and focus.  To
add to his outstanding qualities, he is minimal sabino and
minimal Curly.  Curlies are known to be Hypro-allergenic.
We have asked the Lord to bless our
horses.  Upon union of horses bred to our
stallions, we will ask the Lord to take
special care in the creation of your new
baby foal.